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= = = THIRD EDITION: June 4TH, 2020 = = =

Table of Contents
Section 1: Overview of what has happened
Section 2: Illyria loses lead
Section 3: Epic Clan - Mystics merge
Section 4: Epic Clan revival
Section 5: Order of The Emperor disbands
Section 6: Relax, it's just a joke!
Section 7: Best players this season
Section 8: Tribute to lower elo clans
Section 9: Congradulations!
Section 10: Word from the Editor

"History is written by the victors" ~ Winston Churchill

Overview Of What's Happened Thus Far

2020's Spring CW Season had an interesting start to it. Order Of The Emperor (a training clan) gained PleaseMe, and took the season head-on; And on the other end, Uchiha joined Doxa (Cynical); creating an unstoppable force for the first few weeks. Of course, this does not leave out clans such as Mystics, which was revived by Abraham, and Mortal Kombat who has worked hard to keep their position in the top rankings. Other clans such as Fire Spirit (now disbanded) tried to train themselves but ultimately failed due to poor leadership and having an Elo of 767.3.

Further into the first quarter, Aristokrats was revived once more by AlBoZzZ and Peaky Blinders are suddenly seeing themselves in a bad spot with activity. More recently, however, things have changed dramatically. Doxa no longer is an unstoppable force, Order of The Emperor is destroying their competition in Elo, and The Immortals are still going strong, being in third place with 1039.3 Elo.

All in all, this season hasn't been like the previous seasons. New clans are being built and are actually participating, old clans are being revived, people aren't clan hoping (as often) and players who want to participate in these things are being trained and offered a chance to actually do so. Thanks to everyone involved, good or bad; You have shaped what we are today.

atWar's second quarter of the 2020 Spring Clan War season has brought its ups and its downs. Order Of The Emperor lost its lead in the leaderboards on top of losing its merger with The Immortals; However, still going strong. Illyria has taken the scene head-on, destroying even Mortal Kombat, who had gained first place just before Illyria got some of its old members back, to gain first place.

Peaky Blinders had a really low spot as well this season, losing most of it's active CW squad (that being Lelouch., Croat, Tchetnik, and Bossko); However they held out, eventually gaining a "merger" with Aristokrats. Hellenism has also been a force to reckon with in the scene, being experienced in 5k EU+ games beating even the best clans (MK and Illyria). Clan War guidelines have been made more clear and organized as well as more updates being added.

So... Given this in all the months of March-April... May (the last month of the season) was quite interesting- it proved us wrong in what normal seasons would usually do. At first, it seemed Illyria with their unstoppable team would just win as they were over 1200 Elo, 100 elo above even second place for a short time, but that changed as Epic Clan and Mystics merged together to bring probably the most stacked clan ever to exist in atWar's history. It seemed almost impossible for the outcome that came in the end though, for a final result of...

1st Place: Mortal Kombat
2nd Place: Cynical
3rd Place: Illyria
4th Place: Epic Clan

Both Cynical and Mortal Kombat have small teams (Cynical at least for half the season), MK being the smallest in the scene (usually Eagle & Mauzer); which just goes to show just how good these teams are. Congratulations to the victors of this season, may the next one be just as good if not better.

Illyria Loses Lead

Just about two weeks before Illyria was considered to win the season by Elo alone, Epic Clan and Mystics joined forces- It took some time but eventually Illyria lost enough Elo from Mystics that Cynical & Mortal Kombat were able to take the lead and finish the season where they did- this goes to show how two clans battling each other can go from First & Second place to Third & Fifth place in just a few days. It truly is a sight to see how Illyria proves its self in seasons it participates in- they come out of nowhere, get to first and then the rest of the Top Ten all gang up on them- and it always takes those Top Ten last minute to beat them down. Illyria truly is a force to reckon with.

Epic Clan - Mystics merge

In a decision to join the coalition of clans to take out Illyria's first-place lead, Epic Clan and Mystics merged together, bringing in players like Clovis, Ghostface, and others together. This would prove to be deadly for both Illyria & Mystics-Epic Clan as they would both end up in 3rd & 5th places.

Epic Clan Revival

After the Epic Clan - Mystics merge, Huarck & Karlo13 returned to Epic Clan (after Order of The Emperor's fall) and brung themselves to first place for a short period. Huarck & Karlo13 are quite a new duo to the scene, Karlo13 only joining the competitive scene in 2019- pulling themselves to first place during the endgame battle for first place proves they are a force to reckon with, much like the Eagle-Mauzer duo.

Order of The Emperor Disbands

After a decision made by Emperor Alois, Order of The Emperor closed it's doors to the public and let it's member base go. Of course this wasn't just done without a message to the public, as Order of The Emperor was one of the major parts as to why the season was the way it was, it brought players in and allowed them to CW without the consequences:

So, unfortunately, OOTE has succumbed to the disease that is stacking the top clans in AW that are already stacked in order to beat the already stacked clan + people who want to CW all the time and not being able to do that, which just happens.

I've also decided that I just won't be able to do what I did with Order of The Emperor this season, next season. I'm just too busy with what I do on here and prioritize that over actually doing this. Was a nice 250+ CWs- something clans like OOTE rarely if ever accomplish.

I'll of course, be creating a new clan & still doing my best to bring new (and old) things to this community; However, it will be geared towards my role as Supporter.

OOTE will be led by its members (or former members) or just die off completely, who knows

Thanks for all the good, and ugly times.. I've learned a few things about this community in AW and now can use that knowledge doing my role as Supporter.

Rleax, It's Just a Joke!

I saw Eagles rushing. I could feel my heart pounding harder and harder, erection happened, shit i even jizzed i bit. Not afraid to admit. In that moment i could picture our kids, sitting in front of lap top playing atwar, while me and eagles are teaching them all the secrets to rushing that we know. For the first time since 1997, i felt happiness.

Motherfucker got back to slowrolling right a fucking way. That hurts more than that one time in elementary when i girl slapped me after i tried to kiss her.

~ Steve Aoki

2020 CW Spring Season, summarised in one video

Best Players this season (Top 5)

Note not everything is taken into account, this is largely based upon spots in the CW Scene - as the dueling season and CW season have different playstyles (do note best players in CW season =/= Duel Season)

Eagle, for his mastery of both East, West, and counter picks. He truly is a hard one to defeat- and as a result, allows Mortal Kombat to win so many times when it's needed.

Froyer, though he is quite new to the pro's section of atWar, Froyer has come a long way. He brought Cynical to second place after losing its advantage it had at the beginning of the season. Though it did not come without teamwork from his teammates such as Eagles & Lelouch.

Mauzer Panteri, for his teamwork with Eagle. They are, as some would say, the perfect duo. Together they can accomplish anything. Mauzer has also mastered counter picks and in general weird gameplay, which makes him more flexible in gameplay than most players.

4nic, for his work in Illyria. Without 4nic on Illyria's team, they wouldn't have been where they were this season and won games when they needed to- unfortunately it just didn't work out the way things were planned. 4nic also took first place for the dueling season with 1405 Elo.

Beserok, for his skills within Mystics. Beserok' also has one of, if not the most interesting and powerful gameplays with Blitzkrieg in the game- which takes a lot of patients and skill. Though Mystics ended up in 5th place, Mystics really pulled threw with Beserok- who also came in third for the dueling season with 1334 Elo.

Tribute to lower elo clans

Let's face it, if it wasn't for our lower Elo clans/clans who took newer players in such as Hellenism, Order of The Emperor, Fire Spirit (now disband), and more; this season wouldn't have been nearly as good as it was, especially in terms of Elo, interest, and outcomes. I would like to mention these clans as they are the most important to the CW season- without low Elo clans who in particular have new CW scene players training there, the Clan Wars area of atWar would just become boring and just fall out- as it had been for the past few years. I'd also like to recognize these clans for the amount of Clan Wars they played as a lower Elo clan- this truly is a new achievement for atWar.

Now we just need to keep these clans participating in the season. For that I have created these banners as recognition to those clans (not all clans are on here):

Based on their Greek theme

Order of The Emperor
Based on their Monarchy theme

Based on their Lightning/Japanese theme

Fire Spirit
Based on their Fire theme

Based on their Planet/Space theme


To start off with, here are some words from the community:

Congratulations to Mauzer "games lord" Panteri and Eagle "clan war lord" Nurmagomedov, and maybe laki and don helped too(helped other clans).

They outdone themselves, got counted out with 990 elo just 3 days ago, and now they have 1200. Strong performance.


Congratz to all who participated especially those clans under 1000 elo that continued to play those are the real winners....also mk activity was uncompared to everyone else I think that's most cws played in a season. Great season wish every season was like this with minimal to no camping by all sides.


Well played Mp & Eagle and congrats
Also well done Cynical on silver

Illy can't win them all that'd be boring.. Despite the shit-talk and banter I agree it was ultimately a good season and a deserved win


Well played


On top of all these, I'd also like to congratulate the winners & losers of this season on behalf of everyone here on atWar Staff.

Word From The Editor

Hi everyone! As you all know, I, (Emperor Alois) work very hard to get you these updates/articles for the last three months. I'd just like you to know that this isn't going to stop- I plan to do this as long as I am in the Supporter Team. I do have future plans for these articles as well and in relation to it the atWar Times Network- so Stay tuned!

On top of this, for those of you who have opinions on the season, or have any suggestions, please message them to me and or comment below! atWar's staff is working day in and day out on planning for new updates, systems, news, etc.

Congratulations on the season!

Thanks to everyone who is participating and will participate. Without you, our community will not grow. Keep up the good work, and always remember it's just a game, HAVE FUN! I had to cut off this edition with eleven sections because there was so much that happened already in the second quarter of this season, that goes to prove just how far we've come since Dave became the owner of this game. Keep it up!

If you would like to participate in making these articles, please contact Focused Alois. Help is always wanted.

All other articles done by Alois



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Let's hope the summer season is just as interesting and fun as the spring season.
(Pray for a second coronavirus outbreak or Dave implements 50 new updates that gets everyone addicted again)
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Fs elo - 767.3 elo probably the lowest ever seasonal elo in recorded aw history

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Fs elo - 767.3 elo probably the lowest ever seasonal elo in recorded aw history

it is.

Best mod ever <3

Best admin ever <3

" I declare the creation of the United States of Atwar. "
- Dave Washington, 6/7/2020

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